Board of Trade

The Board of Trade is a part government and part commercial organisation that exists to help enable Skyssians to trade successfully and profitably across the world. The President of the Board of Trade is one of the Electors of the King of Skyss.


They are in the story

  • First appears - we first seen the Board of Trade's distinctive blue port building in Kronstadt, and again in Knarvik, Beretha and at The Wheel.
  • Function: the function is to enable trade through better flows of information, and also supporting Skyssians when they get into trouble. There's also a diplomatic function in many of the more significant ports.


The Board of Trade is a very large organisation, possibly the largest non-military one in the world. Broadly it has the following departments:

  • Operations. There are over 1,000 port teams spread around the world with regional HQs in the major capital cities. As well as the port teams gathering information there is also resolutions that deal with unusual or sensitive situations.
  • Political Analysis. This department analyses all the information sent back and advises the King of Skyss on diplomatic relations. It also provides negotiators for treaties.
  • Board Secretariat. This department supports the members of the Board directly and ensures that they are well briefed, decisions are made and that policy is promulgated so that it can be enacted.
  • Registry. A sub-department of the Secretariat that takes in all the incoming mail from regional operations, foreign governments, and anything else. It copies these and sends them to the relevant departments in the BoT and retains copies on the record book. The Historical Department is also part of registry.
  • Prices and Cargoes. This department analyses the prices and cargos and tries to spot trends so that guidance can be given on what might be profitable. Their output is sold to the Merchant Guilds, along with access to the locally produced guides that each port team produces.
  • Revenue. This department is responsible for ensuring that fees and charges are set at the correct rates to encourage trade to flow, and that they are collected in full.



Notable people (from a story perspective).


  • NB there are over a thousand Board of Trade outposts across the world, in all significant ports and along trade routes used by Skyssians merchants.
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