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This is a collaborative web platform that allows people to edit1) the web pages to provide additional content for some of the roleplaying games that I am involved in, whether as a player or GM.

There are several namespaces operating slightly different wiki subjects. These are, in no particular order:

  • Jim Wallman's Universe - a roleplaying by e-mail campaign that I play in, this is an unofficial wiki and none of it is canon unless Jim says it is.
    • Interstellar Freelance Unlimited - subset of the Universe pages covering the activities of a mercenary company that we are currently roleplaying every Full Moon.
    • Earth Imperium pages. These cover the activities of the Government of the Solar republic (aka Earth Empire) in Jim's Humanity Will Prevail campaign, including the Earth Imperium News Items.
    • Free Worlds Alliance - covering the activities of another emerging polity in the Humanity Will Prevail campaign. Mostly contributed by Eric Moroney.
    • Universe Background - page collecting the various bits of background info that have come up in various e-mail discussions for the campaigns set in Jim Wallman's Universe.

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Mark Whitely

Whitely was shot dead by Chief Inspector Sophia Young in a dawn raid on a terraced house in East London on 23rd April 2046. The body was stripped of ID but running fingerprints and facial recognition (on what was left after a headshot) gave a 1:1 match with this identity.

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These aren't notes on all the characters, just the ones that I needed to share with other people. The primary characters in the story Perfects aren't listed here, these are just supporting characters, some of whom aren't even mentioned directly in the stories.

NB the list is auto-generated by tags.

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Regulations on Police Evidence 2045

Commonly referred to as RoPE 45. The regulations were updated following the UKIP manifesto commitment from the 2044 General Election and are intended to strike the right balance between the powers of the police and the rights and freedoms of the public. Maintaining that balance is a central element of RoPE.

The RoPE codes of practice cover:

  • stop and search
  • arrest & detention
  • investigation
  • identification
  • interviewing detainees

Lt. Jacob 'Crackers' Kampf

Earther marine officer, formerly of the 130th Earther Marine Regiment. Wanted criminal having escaped custody for unspecified crimes. Played by James.

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