Imperial Party (IP)

As at 3207, the main political party, and the one with the most formal organisation. Just under half of the Senate (44/100 voting Senators) are affiliated to this party, and some 25% of the CoR.

Main Tenets

The party tends to be conservative in nature, supporting the guiding principles of rule by the Imperium. The party remains divided on the issue of formally adopting the title to the Earth Empire. The IP supports a strong military and a policy of gradual, natural and peaceful expansion. The IP also supports the idea of low cost one way travel from Earth to the colonies to reduce population pressure and to promote expansion. The IP initially stood against the upgrading of the Home Systems to Homeworld status under the New Economic Policy, but was won over by Senator Lee Zhang in a series of debates.

Notable Members


13 Jul 2010 15:14Our Man in Havana
2 Dec 2007 13:29James Kemp
12 Jul 2007 18:10James Kemp
2 Dec 2007 12:49James Kemp
18 Mar 2010 17:07 
13 Jul 2010 14:56An Official Spokesman
15 Jul 2007 16:58James Kemp
2 Dec 2007 13:02James Kemp
2 Dec 2007 14:48James Kemp
8 Jul 2020 11:33 
18 Jul 2007 22:05Our Man in Havana
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