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Yehudi Sharan A notorious Xyonist pirate, formerly a Marine. Played by James Kemp in the 'Hawks of the Stars' Full Moon campaign. Current Position Last reported by the INN as captured on 3207.240 by the Xyonist Navy after a failed assault on the mining orbital Base-F located in Hobbes, Q1. His subsequent fate is not known.
Thompson Bequerel Thompson “Tommy” Bequerel is a naval officer from the Free Worlds Alliance. He is an NPC Current Position Since 3206.400 he has been the captain of the FWA CVI Starbuck, the flagship of the Alliance Fleet. Biographical Details
Stephen Bailey Earther. A leading figure in the Imperium's cultural life, Lord Bailey has had a rich and distinguished career in broadcasting, journalism, the arts and public service. [Played by James]. Current Position Since 3210 he has been on the back benches in the Senate, previously have served as Minister for the Colonies and as Governor of Q5.
Sir Karla Gnough-Duff, KLH Earther Combat Medical Technician and Knight of the Legion of Honour. An NPC. Current Position Since 3200 she has been a Combat Medical Technician in the First Special Forces Regiment. She has seen action on Binni (where she first won entry to the Legion of Honour) and the subsequently at Amoss. As at 3209.050 she is recovering from Wounds on Earth and has been posted as a senior instructor at the SF training centre.
Sir George Tryon Earther Admiral, currently Second Space Lord. NPC but previously played by James Kemp. Current Position Since 3208 (T73) he has been Second Space Lord for the IEN. Biographical Details If known mention date and place of birth and relationships.
Sir Coinneach Odhar of Brahan Serving Earther Admiral, currently Director of Imperial Naval Intelligence based in Q0. Current Position Since 3208.001 he has been a Vice Admiral employed as the Director of Imperial Naval Intelligence in the Admiralty.
Senator Lee Zhang Former Earth Empire First Minister until 3208.001 when he was arrested. Subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing and now on the back benches. Biographical Details [official portrait of Lee Zhang] Born in the Shanghai Arcology in 3112, to a Senate family Zhang was always expected to enter politics. During his teens he lived in Quadrant Seven where his mother was Governor for five years. He disliked the atmosphere and the politics and at 18 he joined the Pacifier Corps of the Imp…
Senator Danso Ashanti An Earther Grand Admiral turned politician, played by James Kemp in the universe campaign since T71. Current Position Since T100 he has been appointed the Imperial Governor for Quadrant 1. Before that he was the First Minister of the Imperium.
Robert Stassen Jr. From the Free Worlds Alliance, former lawyer, Admiral and current Secretary of the Navy. He is an NPC Current Position On 3209.080, he was appointed Secretary of the Navy by Chairman William Jackson. Secretary of the Navy is a new position created by Jackson as part of his reorganization proposal. Stassen is the first person so appointed.
Morris Miller Senator from Packard in the Greater Federation of Asteel. Cameo role by Eric. Current Position Currently the Senator from Packard and leader of the Conservative Party Biographical Details Morris William “Mo” Miller was born on Packard. He is the youngest child in a family of six, of which he is the only Perfect. Before becoming a Senator, he served in the GFA army as a Planetary Guard soldier for five years, although he did not see any action, and was a businessman afterwards.…
Micheal Wilson Former politician from the Free Worlds Alliance. Current Position Retired Chairman and Defense Minister. Biographical Details Born on Nose in 3130.82. Distinguishing Features Religion New Jewish Career History Wilson was the Defense Minister of Nose before being elected Chairman of the Council of Defense Ministers of the Seven Worlds Defense Alliance. Under his leadership, the Council was considered by many a 'talking shop' that did little. However, he still introduced p…
Lt. Jacob 'Crackers' Kampf Earther marine officer, formerly of the 130th Earther Marine Regiment. Wanted criminal having escaped custody for unspecified crimes. Played by James. Current Position One of the Lost 130th, Kampf is wanted by the Earth authorities.
Lord Stephen Bailey A leading figure in the Earth Empire's cultural life, Lord Bailey has had a rich and distinguished career in broadcasting, journalism, the arts and public service. Current Position Since 3201 he has been the Imperium's Colonial Minister serving both in the
Lady Aelfreda Pasco Known as 'Freddie' Pasco, she is an Earther business woman, with a naval background, who has become a politician. A recent entrant to the Earth Senate in the 3211 elections, replacing Hilmi Ozkok and affiliated to the Imperial Party. Played by James Kemp.
James Meyer Vezeyroornagy (Major General) James “GF Jim” Meyer is a General in the Free Worlds Alliance Army. He is an NPC Current Position Since 3208 he has commanded the FWA Rapid Reaction Ground Force Brigade, the only significant unit in the FWA Army.
Jack Rackham Serving IEN Admiral based in Q0. Current Position Promotion to Rear Admiral and recall to Q0 prior to taking up an operational command was announced on 3207.325. Details of the operational command have yet to be released. Rear Admiral Rackham is one of the Empire's finest naval officers, with a reputation for fairness towards his friends and ruthlessness towards his enemies. Not an officer to suffer fools at all, his somewhat robust attitude to bureaucrats and timeservers has ma…
Hilmi Ozkok An earther Senator, formerly deputy leader of the Imperial Party. Current Position He is a back bench Senator and has indicated that he will be not be seeking re-election at the next Senatorial elections in 3211. Biographical Details
Hermione Xen From the Free Worlds Alliance, the current High Admiral, the highest military rank in the FWA. She is an NPC Current Position Since then High Admiral Jackson's retirement as High Admiral, she has been High Admiral of the SWDA/FWA, in operational command of the FWA navy.
Frank Buck Retired Esteeler Marine officer and Director of Interstellar Freelance Unlimited. Played by James Kemp in the IFU Full Moon Campaign. Current Position Since 3206 he has been a director of the newly founded Interstellar Freelance Unlimited (IFU) which operates out of Percentage in Q8.
Darius Zehring Deadlock politician and religious leader. An NPC. Current Position Since 3190 he has been High Panjandrum of the United Branch Militant of the Seventh Coming and the Head of State of successively the New Canaan Colony, the United Democratic Peoples and the unified Deadlock system government.
Chairman William Jackson From the Free Worlds Alliance, former High Admiral and current Chairman of the Council of Defense Ministers. Played by Eric. Current Position Since 3207.231 he has been Chairman of the Council of Defense Ministers of the SWDA/FWA. This is effectively the highest position in the FWA. (In fact, it was at his suggestion that the
Brittany Hevanitski Venerian former naval officer, former commander of Venerian naval forces in Quadrant four. Current Position Hevanitski is Advisor to the Chairman on Naval Affairs in the Free Worlds Alliance. Biographical Details Distinguishing Features
Angeline Floralpattern From the Republic of Z155, General Angeline Floralpattern was the Commander of the Z155 Crusader Corps. She is an NPC. Current Position Since T101, she has been in Free Worlds Alliance custody, after she was arrested by IFU during the FWA-Z155 war.
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